International Conference for Culture, Art and Peace (ICCAP)


International Conference for Culture, Art and Peace (ICCAP) is an organ of the Foundation Foedus, is a permanent international conference, non-political and non-profit, whose purpose is to promote dialogue and peace between nations through the protection and promotion of artistic heritage, taken as universal languages for cultural exchange between peoples.

Members of ICCAP are eminent historians and high representatives of the member states of the five continents, selected among the most distinguished world authorities in the study, research, protection and enhancement of the artistic heritage.

Diplomatic activities and institutional relations of the Conference have a two-year planning and are from time to time carried out by special committee who are entrusted with the missions of preventive diplomacy and of international political governance of artistic heritage.

ICCAP develops projects aimed to the identification of policies and instruments of preventive diplomacy to peacekeeping and the prevention of states of criticality within the member nations.
Preventive diplomacy can draw lines of dialogue to promote programs of cooperation and exchange between peoples and cultures.

The Arts and Culture are the most vivid and significant testimony of the past, representing the ethical values of beauty and goodness, such as the ethical foundations of the civilization. ICCAP supports and undertakes international policies of protection of Artistic and Cultural Heritage, whose value (protection and promotion) is a primary resource for the knowledge of the universal values of civilization. ICCAP identifies with the principles enshrined in the Hague Convention of 1954 and subsequent protocols, and in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the United Nations.

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