Foedus Foundation promotes socio-economical researches aimed at developing a deeper understanding of Italian Contemporary society. The promotion of cultural heritage constituting real “capital”, an instrument capable of fostering the growth of the national-system also from a purely economic perspective.
The enhancement of cultural heritage is potentially capable of contributing to economic development and to further employment because it can be a significant source of the same, as well as satisfaction, especially for young people. Not for nothing, today there is a growing tendency to favor this aspect of culture and cultural heritage, which constitute a real “capital”, a tool which can enhance the country’s growth, from a strictly economic point of view as well.
This set of considerations led me to establish  a cultural foundation based in Rome and New York in 2003 which was not just one of the many that flourish in our country, but something different. For the same reason we opened an office in Minsk and in Belarus.
In fact, by transforming the Italian sympathy factor into tangible reliability and to make the Italian model an example of the quality of life that is the thread that underlies every proposal or concrete action which the Foundation intends to carryout in Italy and abroad.
If it is true that the present is the debtor of the “past”, it is equally true that it is also responsible for the “ future.”
In these ten years of activity, we’ve been focusing on  promoting culture and solidarity as a means of preventive diplomacy. Supporting works for the common good means building up social security, near and far; means creating fertile ground where entrepreneurship and companies can also prosper and develop.
Our future is to continue in this commendable work, and also to support the role of  Italian firms in the world. There are opportunities for new entrepreneurs both East and West,  but also for those who want to consolidate their working  experience by exporting that made ​​in Italy which is so internationally renowned, and inimitable. From the food and agricultural world to the building lot, over the years, much can be said about the unmistakable Italian style in terms of quality of service and goods as well as for the attention paid to detail in the execution of works. Foedus wants to support these kinds of enterprises by facilitating contacts  with national and international realities, because very often where the rigor of officialdom and the support of the State stop what takes over are the foundation’s relationships woven over the years that have always been above board and formally, institutionally, individually and collectively correct and can effectively and efficiently support national enterprise at home and abroad.

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