Solidarity, the third, but by no means least important, avowed component of the Foedus Foundation, is born from the deeplyrooted conviction that a joint approach with society in combatting the numerous problems present within contemporary society can give rise to excellent outcomes, there where other interventions might fail. Solidarity for the most needy and the weakest, is not merely an obligation to be honoured by every Catholic but also, and all the more so today, a duty for every individual wishing to engage in civilized life.
We need to seek out new rules of behaviour which might allow society to grow in an “organic” fashion, balanced and serene: in the words of Don Luigi Sturzo, “Economy without ethics is diseconomy, it cannot work”.

The Grant and Donation Program is a positive action in the fight against poverty and injustice.

The funds raised by Fondazione Foedus have been assigned to support the: Mother Teresa of Calcutta Hospital in Albania; the Children’s Hospital “Bambin Gesù”, Rome; the construction of a school in Azerbajgian; the Parish Churches of San Francesco di Assisi in Acilia and Our Holy Mother from Fatima in Aranova; the Retirement home in Passoscuro; the Acoustic hall at the Olimpico Theatre in Rome.

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