Transforming the Italian spirit from one marked out by mere likeableness into one guaranteeing excellence and reliability, rendering the Italian model an exemplar of quality of life: this is the underlying thread running through every proposal or concrete action which the Foundation intends to implement, both within Italy and abroad.
In its effort to bring aid to the sectors of Culture, Enterprise and Solidarity, its founding mission, Foedus Foundation has established the Foedus Awards, destined to equally deserving people and companies that distinguished themselves in such fields.


11th of December 2013
Ferrero Group was awarded with the Foedus Entrepreneurship Award, Monsignor Mario Toso was awarded with the Foedus Information Award, and Monsignor Vittorio Formenti was awarded with the Foedus Solidarity Award. The Guardia di Finanza was awarded the Foedus “Italia” Award. Also five lifetime achievement awards were given to: Prefect Giuseppe Procaccini, Professor Massimo Santini, Professor Massimo Martelli, Mr.
Pietro Bartolo, and to Mr. Tiziano Panconi.

12th of December 2012
The Foedus Culture Award was given to H.E. Cardinal Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga, the Entrepreneurship Award to Matteo Marzotto, and the Solidarity Award to the State Forestry Corps. Mr. Cesare Patrone accepted the prize for the Corps.
Two lifetime achievement awards were given to the famous composer and Master Stelvio Cipriani, to Master tenor Francesco Grollo and to the entrepreneur Anna Maria Branca Ciuffa.

14th of December 2011
Foedus Entrepreneurship Award to Eusebio Leal Spengler for having reconstructed Cuba’s capital city Havana also through the technical assistance and support from Italian companies enterprises; Culture Award to Louis Godart for his commitment towards the cultural and artistic heritage of the Presidency of the Republic in making it more accessible to all citizens; Solidarity Award to the Italian Army for having brought unfailing support both nationally and internationally . The prize was presented to General Biagio Abrate, Chief of Staff of Italian Defense. Also two lifetime achievement awards were given to Ettore Bernabei, noble father of RAI and president ad honorem of LUX Vide S.p.a., and to the renowned  and musician Amedeo Minghi.

13th of December 2010
Foedus Awards for entrepreneurship to Radio Dimensione Suono’s Patron, Eduardo Montefusco and to Franz Botré editor of the monthly magazine “Monsieur”.
An award to Giorgio Sandri, father of Lazio fan Gabriele accidentally killed while he went to Milan to follow the football team.

21st of May 2010
Foedus Culture Award to Leonel Antonio Fernández Reyna, President of the Dominican Republic.

12th of May 2009
Foedus Award to Vittorio Feltri, Editorial Director of “Libero”, for his commitment as a journalist, as a director and as a clear interpreter of our times, current cultural trends and with that great spirit of entrepreneurship and solidarity which are Foedus’s main sources of inspiration.

19th of February 2009
Foedus Award to Sandro Bondi, Minister of Culture, for his dedicated involvement in promoting Italy’s great heritage.

24th of March 2006
Foedus Awards to Don Pierino Gelmini, for all his work in the Social and Humanitarian fields, aiding troubled youths and isolated minorities. Professor Philip A. Salem, for his commitment in the fields of Medicine and Scientific Research. Ms. Barbara Contini, for her commitment in the field of International Relations, while exposed to extremely testing and difficult environments.

6th of March 2004
Foedus Awards to Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, in recognition of his work undergone at missionary organizations worldwide. Maestro Salvatore Licitra, Tenor, for his outstanding contribution to the diffusion of Italian cultural patrimony throughout the world.
Foedus Award to Papaiz Group in memory of the founder Luigi, who immigrated to Brazil in 1950. This Group, today one of the most important corporations in the metallurgic industry in Latin America, distinguished itself for its support of cultural activities and, in particular, for the recovery of a collection of 120 pieces by the artist Aristide Sartorio.

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