Projects and initiatives

The funds raised by Fondazione Foedus have been assigned to support the: Mother Teresa of Calcutta Hospital in Albania; the Children’s Hospital “Bambin Gesù”, Rome; the construction of a school in Azerbajgian; the Parish Churches of San Francesco di Assisi in Acilia and Our Holy Mother from Fatima in Aranova; the Retirement home in Passoscuro; the Acoustic hall at the Olimpico Theatre in Rome.

The San Francesco di Assisi Parish’s Youth Club in Acilia was created 50 years ago to accompany students in their school activities. Thanks to Foedus, the Parish Youth Club today is a multipurpose center with a new indoor facility for sports, gatherings and group meetings.

The Padre Pio’s Youth Hall at the Nostra Signora di Fatima parish, constructed in 2003, is now capable of hosting large meetings and gatherings. It has been transformed into an aggregation center with a fully equipped gym, multipurpose halls for the activities of the elderly and it also has parish offices. The Center is equipped with a bar, an area for Caritas and a Conference hall, used often for the projection of movies and documentaries.

To aid a newly developed retirement home and to improve the quality of life of its community, the Foedus Foundation is creating additional recreational areas, as two bocce lanes, that have already been delivered.

Live Association (European Volunteer)
Monastery of Carmelo S. Anna in Romania
Donation for the construction of a hospital in Tirana, Albania
Donation to the congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples

Asian countries affected by the 2005 tsunami
S.M. Fatima di Aranova Church
S. Leonardo da Porto Maurizio Church
S. Francesco d’Assisi di Acilia Church
Bambin Gesù Hospital of Rome
Luigia Tincani Association
Association Evento Donna
Don Agitino Ruscelli Institute
Suore dell’Immacolata Institute

Philippines Project
S.M. Fatima di Aranova Church
IFDC – Support to Moroccans children
S. Francesco d’Assisi Church
“Salvo D’Acquisto” Recreation Centre for the Elderly
Philarmonic Academy of Rome
Community Meeting Don Gelmini
Congregation of the Maids of the Sacred Heart

Philippines Project
Community Meeting Don Gelmini
S. Francesco d’Assisi Church
Itaquaquecetuba Church in Brasil
Calabria pro-Zambia
Scholarships to the Association Alessandra d’Angelo
Fregene Recreation Centre for the Elderly
Scholarships to the Foundation Civitas Lateranense

S.Pietro Apostolo Church
S. Elisabetta e Zaccaria Church
Philippines Project
Gold Military Medals Group
Sacred Heart S. Minime Monastery
S. Eugenio Church
Association Calabria pro-Zambia
Bambin Gesù Hospital of Rome

S. Maria Madre Grazia Church
Journey of Hope
Oncological Centre of Houston – USA
S. Ambrogio Church
San Giorgio Church
San Rocco e Cabbia Church
Bambin Gesù Hospital of Rome

Philippines Project
Capri Awards Foundation

Association SOS Brasil
Hospices of the Lazio’s coast
Philippines Project

Pediatric Incubator of Herat Hospital
Selargius project Don Orione and Enel Cuore
Philippines Project
Villaggio Don Bosco Orphanage of Tivoli
AISLA – Sezione del Lazio
Santa Maria Draconensis Oratory
Elementary School ‘Alessandra D’Angelo’ of Testa di Lepre – Fiumicino (RM)
Scholarship orphans of the Armed Forces

Foedus gave a defibrillator to New Perspectives Association Fiumicino (Rome)
S. Francesco d’Assisi Church
Peruvian community
Defibrillator by EBM Group TBS to Comprehensive Institute Mariangela Virgili Ronciglione (Viterbo)

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